Ain't it a shame that we live in a world filled with biped animals; who's to blame when we're given a media full of hate-filled subliminals.

Darius breaks a window.
He's taking a TV.
Shaniqua's right beside him.
She's stealing some DVDs.
Doesn't really matter
When the city is burning.
The only corporate ladders in the ghetto
Is violence and hurting.

The jihad's in the works.
In their Izod dungarees,
They're dreaming of beheadings
To their mortal enemies.
Those who disagree
With their versions of life and death
Will suffer from their hands of their plans
Like they're out of their minds on meth.

Watch what they do through a camera eye;
Moving through this zoo with a blink and a sigh.
How do they do this and sleep like a baby;
Revolt against the very things that could save me.


from Incomplete Music From The Mind Of An Ex​-​Retail Employee Who Dabbles In Existentialism, released November 11, 2014
Words and Music: TM

TM: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum loops
CM and LW: backing vocals.



all rights reserved